The Future of Data - The road ahead to a safer, smarter and more sustainable world

In today's world, data is essential for everything we do. We rely on data to guide us in making decisions about how we build safer communities, build smarter infrastructures, and deliver change sustainably. But data is only valuable if it is managed effectively.

At 1Spatial, we see a data first approach as an integral part of solving business problems. This can be a powerful and effective way to ensure you make trusted and informed decisions before investing in systems and new technologies. Ensuring that data and information is clean and ready to use will minimise the risks and impacts for organisations and wider businesses, including time and costs.

By taking a data first approach, your data will be ready for digital transformations including:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 
  • Digital Twins 
  • Data Science and Analytical Approaches 

Also covering topics on:

  • Data Governance - the starting point for a data first approach.
  • Supply chains – receiving and accepting data.
  • Collaboration, people and culture - building successful data first teams.
  • Policies, standards, procedures and guidelines - ensuring your organisation is adopting best practise.
  • Rules-based approach - enacting upon data governance

Join 1Spatial's interactive conference on the 2 November in London to hear from leading experts in the industry, cutting-edge relatable case studies and learn how data can help us, and you, create and maintain a more sustainable world.