Digital & Tech Directorate - Blockchain Adoption Analysis

This role is within the Digital Strategy unit which is part of Digital & Tech Policy directorate within the Digital Technologies & Telecoms Group.

DSIT Tech Secondees: Project/candidate specification

The Digital Strategy team has a wide-ranging remit, with priorities such as setting and communicating DCMS’s long-term digital strategy (e.g. the 2022 UK Digital Strategy publication), strategic resource planning (e.g. for Budgets and Spending Reviews), driving DCMS’s leadership across Whitehall (e.g. through effective governance mechanisms) and other priority projects (e.g. a recent horizon scanning exercise).

Project overview:

Download the Secondees Specification document here.

  • This is a research and analysis project which aims to understand the current and future adoption of blockchain and related technologies, such as Web3 (for the purpose of this project, we understand Web3 to comprise web apps, platforms, and services which are based around blockchain as a core technology). The scope of this project focuses on applications of blockchain outside of financial services, as that is a HMT lead policy area.
  • Our hypothesis is that adoption of Web3 is limited at the moment, but is growing. A deeper understanding of the degree of current and future adoption of Web3 will support the UK Government in developing policy to maximise the potential and minimise the risks associated with blockchain and Web3.
  • The main outputs of this project will be:
    • Agreement on a set of metrics which accurately indicate the degree of adoption of blockchains at any point in time. These metrics may be developed with support from the DSIT central analysis team.
    • A list of, and commentary on, factors that affect the adoption of blockchains (technical, political, economic, social, etc.). This could include an assessment of what conditions may trigger a step change in adoption. This should draw on research from blockchain/Web3 experts, and categorise potential conditions with metrics where possible.
    • A snapshot of blockchain/Web3 adoption in the UK currently, with case studies of use cases across sectors.
  • This project will be run in parallel with partner projects, including one regarding the economic viability of various blockchain use cases. There are likely to be opportunities for the candidate to work across both projects.

Candidate specification:


3 months - amenable to flexible and part-time working arrangements

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