Building Digital UK - Data Engineers

Building Digital UK (BDUK) is helping to bring fast and reliable broadband and mobile coverage to hard-to-reach places across the UK. BDUK achieves this by mobilising suppliers to deliver coverage to premises, through contract or grants. This delivery is driven by a sophisticated technological solution, mapping existing and future infrastructure across the UK.

DSIT Tech Secondees: 3 x Project/candidate specification

Project overview:

BDUK has 3 projects in need of tech secondees - Download the Secondees Specification document here.

  1. Designing a data pipeline for the financial model - BDUK ingests complicated data from suppliers on their build plans. BDUK is building a data pipeline to ensure this is done quickly, efficiently, with an end-to-end process for all data requirements across the business.
  2. Exploring the use of ChatGPT within BDUK - BDUK is looking for ways to integrate ChatGPT and other related chatbots into its business and technical processes.
  3. Providing tech expertise for the development of the Data Backbone - BDUK is building an end-to-end, semantically accessible data backbone that organises its data into one coordinated point of truth. BDUK is currently working on the development of a strategy and architecture to achieve this, and will look to build imminently.

Candidate specification:


Project 1: Start as soon as possible and for a duration of 6 months
Project 2: Start as soon as possible and for a duration of 6 months
Project 3: Start as soon as possible and for a duration of 6 to 12 months


Ideally full-time, but we can tailor accordingly.

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