15 Mar 2024

Watch now: Cloud adoption and modernisation for SMEs

On 5 March 2024, techUK hosted a webinar bringing together industry leaders to explore the challenges and opportunities of cloud computing for SMEs.

The UK has a long tail of SMEs that often struggle to access the full benefits of digital transformation and this event considered how smaller organisations can best navigate the challenges of cloud modernisation.

The panel included:

You can watch the full webinar here, or read our summary of the key insights below:

Please note that the below is a summary of the event, and readers are encouraged to watch the webinar to understand the full details of the discussion.

The session started with a broad discussion of the key factors that SME leaders should consider when investing in cloud solutions and how SMEs can ensure they adopt a business strategy that matches the right capabilities to clear business outcomes.

Helen opened by suggesting that SMEs should begin with productivity and selecting the applications and strategy that will best enable automation and smart use of data. The panel went on to discuss application modernisation and taking a modular and cloud-native approach to “future proof” the digital transformation strategy with robust APIs and an ecosystem that can scale and add capabilities over time. SMEs should also consider what type of organisation they are, what the business needs are, and factors like security and resilience and regulatory and compliance.

Kara and Graham led a discussion centred on how SMEs can best navigate the transition from CapEx to OpEx. The flexibility and scalability of an as-a-service model was highlighted as a key opportunity for SMEs to facilitate growth and integrate new capabilities. However, leaders should consider how much change their organisation can absorb and take an iterative approach that builds-in automation, optimisation and FinOps best practice as new capabilities are added.

The panel went on to explore key issues including skills, managed services, data strategies, cost control and FinOps. Marcus argued that SMEs should prioritise where they can add value quickly and not be distracted by hype around new technologies or trying to do everything all at once.

The event concluded with an overview of the opportunities for SMEs to be more agile, efficient and productive. Panellists also highlighted key lessons that can be learned from larger organisations to set SMEs up for success as they scale.

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