29 Jun 2022

Unlocking the Potential of the UK Japan Relationship Through Technology

Guest blog by Clark Vasey, Head of Corporate Affairs from Fujitsu UK on strengthening the UK-Japan strategic partnership through innovation and trade

Since the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the UK and Japan in 2020 we have seen a welcome strengthening of the relationships between the two countries.  This is creating opportunities for companies of all sizes in both the UK and Japan to grow and flourish in each other’s markets bring economic benefit to both countries.

Tech is right at the heart of the potential that this growing relationship can bring.  From the ambitious Digital Chapter and mechanisms for shared innovation in the free trade agreement to the joint announcement of digital collaboration in May 2022 tech is critical to what both countries can achieve together.  Both countries are committed to flourishing science and technology super powers with leadership in critical areas of emerging technologies.  As both the UK and Japan have set out their strategies for technology it is clear both countries are ambitious about the future with shared strategic goals. 

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As both governments increase their work together, the tech sectors of both countries are no less ambitious and indeed are critical to unlocking the potential of this collaboration. 

This is why techUK and JEITA established the UK Japan Tech Forum to bring together tech companies from both countries to demonstrate the benefit of increasing trade and investment in technology.  Chaired by the Head of Fujitsu Europe, Paul Patterson, the Forum brings together industry and government together to explore opportunities and discuss how we can go further to achieve more together.

At Fujitsu we have talked about the benefits from building an Innovation Bridge between the UK and Japan.  Increasing the flow of technology and innovation between the UK and Japan can help solve big challenges to benefit business, government and society.  The UK Japan Tech Forum can help realise this great bridge of innovation. 

We are already seeing the benefits this international partnership through increasing trade and investment.  The Forum is here to enable this to go further by bringing together UK and Japanese tech companies of all sizes interested in growing this relationship and reaping its benefits. 

It’s an exciting time to be part of UK and Japanese tech so for companies who want to be part of this innovation bridge the Forum is keen to hear from you.

To learn about how to get involved in the UK Japan Tech Forum or for more information please contact Jana Psarska at [email protected].

You can also join us on 4 July for the UK-Japan Tech Forum meeting to discuss future opportunities for UK-Japan cooperation on tech and innovation. Register here.