08 Feb 2024
by Tess Buckley

UNESCO Global Forum for AI Ethics

The Global Gathering 

On 5/6 February 2024 UNESCO hosted the 2nd Global Forum on the Ethics of AI: Changing the Landscape of AI Governance in the Brdo Congress Centre of Kranj. This forum gathered expertise across countries and disciplines to focus on one of the most consequential challenges of our day: Getting AI governance right.  



Alongside the many global opportunities afforded by AI, there remain some complex ethical concerns. AI is re-shaping the way we interact, live, make decisions and work. In November 2021, UNESCO shared the first global standard on AI ethics, adopted by all 193 Member States. The recommendation echoed four key values which should be embedded in emerging technologies: human rights and human dignity; living in peaceful, just and interconnected societies; ensuring diversity and inclusiveness; and environment and ecosystem flourishing. This human rights approach to AI ethics has proven useful in the ever-evolving public discourse of AI ethics.  


Key Outcome for Use: The Global Ethics and Governance Observatory 

The key announcement from the gathering was the launch of the Global AI Ethics and Governance Observatory, in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute, Patrick J McGovern Foundation and International Telecommunication Union. This platform is a centralised repository created to foster good practice, expert insights and knowledge in the realm of AI ethics and governance. The information shared is a resource to help guide regulators, researchers, policymakers, private sector and civil society through ethical considerations when building and deploying AI.  

‘Governments around the world have decisively moved on from the question of whether to regulate AI to the urgent question of how. The Observatory aims to start providing some of the answers for how to go about this complex but vital task.’ says Gabriela Ramos, the Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences of UNESCO. 

Practical tools and methodologies included in the repository are the readiness assessment methodology (RAM) and the AI ethics and governance lab. RAM is a tool designed to help countries understand how prepared they are to apply AI ethically and responsibly for all their citizens. The AI ethics and governance lab is a platform that has centralised good practice case studies and cutting-edge research from experts to provide tangible insights from practice for users. Finally, a global hub for information on AI governance and trends will prove useful for those looking for details on the AI landscape across different nations.  


You can watch the Global Forum on the Ethics of AI 2024 here.  

You can watch our Global Governance Session at the Digital Ethics Summit 2023 here

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Tess Buckley

Tess Buckley

Programme Manager - Digital Ethics and AI Safety, techUK


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Tess Buckley

Tess Buckley

Programme Manager, Digital Ethics and AI Safety, techUK

Tess is the Programme Manager for Digital Ethics and AI Safety at techUK.  

Prior to techUK Tess worked as an AI Ethics Analyst, which revolved around the first dataset on Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR), and then later the development of a large language model focused on answering ESG questions for Chief Sustainability Officers. Alongside other responsibilities, she distributed the dataset on CDR to investors who wanted to further understand the digital risks of their portfolio, she drew narratives and patterns from the data, and collaborate with leading institutes to support academics in AI ethics. She has authored articles for outlets such as ESG Investor, Montreal AI Ethics Institute, The FinTech Times, and Finance Digest. Covered topics like CDR, AI ethics, and tech governance, leveraging company insights to contribute valuable industry perspectives. Tess is Vice Chair of the YNG Technology Group at YPO, an AI Literacy Advisor at Humans for AI, a Trustworthy AI Researcher at Z-Inspection Trustworthy AI Labs and an Ambassador for AboutFace. 

Tess holds a MA in Philosophy and AI from Northeastern University London, where she specialised in biotechnologies and ableism, following a BA from McGill University where she joint-majored in International Development and Philosophy, minoring in communications. Tess’s primary research interests include AI literacy, AI music systems, the impact of AI on disability rights and the portrayal of AI in media (narratives). In particular, Tess seeks to operationalise AI ethics and use philosophical principles to make emerging technologies explainable, and ethical. 

Outside of work Tess enjoys kickboxing, ballet, crochet and jazz music.

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