14 Jul 2021
by Teodora Kaneva

Transport Decarbonisation Plan Launch - July 2021

The Transport Decarbonisation Plan was launched today.

The Transport Decarbonisation Plan has been launched today after much expectation. It includes commitments to:

  • consult on a world-leading pledge to end the sale of all new, polluting road vehicles by 2040 and net-zero aviation emissions by 2050.
  • smart electric vehicle charging.
  • to electrify the entire fleet of government cars and vans by 2027.

techUK welcomes the ambition to create healthier and cleaner communities, with opportunities for new green jobs, and has been working closely with the Department of Transport as it developed its Plan.

We now need a more detailed approach to how are we going to achieve the vision outlined. Later today, we are expecting the 2035 delivery plan to be published, which should bring together all of the measures required, outline the key timelines and milestones, and the policies that will be adopted to deliver mass ownership of zero-emission cars and vans.

We are hoping to see opportunities for digitalisation and innovation as a key route to decarbonisation. We would like to see concrete measures for net-zero vehicles, automation, and freight and logistics, and a clear plan to unlock smart charging.

Now more than ever it will be crucial to work in collaboration with the energy, transport, and the technology community to deliver a fully integrated system, especially in support of the transition to EVs, and less hybrid vehicles.

Treasury must take stock of the opportunities and support the transition of the sector. We know that the cost to consumers will be far more palatable if the technology community can participate and innovate in the market. Funding routes must be adapted to also facilitate a fully interoperable, UK-wide, and exciting transport network.

We also would like to see more investment in the areas of alternative fuel sources, such as hydrogen for example to be able to unlock opportunities for freight, logistics, and rail.

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Teodora Kaneva

Teodora Kaneva

Programme Manager Smart Energy and Utilities