23 Feb 2024

Tender for Author - Digital Twin Report

We are tendering for an author for a comprehensive report on the future landscape of connected Digital Technologies (DTs) at both national and global scales.


The report will be structured into four main sections, covering various aspects of the topic, and will culminate in a macroeconomic forecast and implications analysis. The engagement plan includes podcast episodes, campaigns, and strategic partnerships to ensure a wide-reaching impact.


In 2021, techUK published a landmark report: ‘Unlocking Value Across the UK’s Digital Twin Ecosystem. outlines how digital twins can be adopted effectively, and why the accelerated adoption of digital twins is essential for the future success of our people, economy, society, and planet.

Recognising the need for a broader programme of investment (focused on research, skills development, and core engineering capabilities), techUK puts forward the following recommendations aimed at providing a strong, sustainable foundation for digital twin adoption and diffusion across the UK:

  • Develop a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary coordinating body to drive forward digital twin adoption and diffusion in the UK
  • Demonstrate value from (and explore barriers to) the adoption and diffusion of digital twins via a series of strategic demonstrators
  • Trigger the adoption of digital twins across the UK by exploring the development of an online digital twin procurement portal
  • Work with industry to identify talent pipeline requirements and anticipate levels of future demand for skills across the UK’s digital twin ecosystem
  • Fund a net zero 2050 digital twin demonstrator to establish the UK as a global leader in leveraging digital twins for decarbonisation

Our previous report was focused on the technical aspects of application of digital twins. With this framework we will identify the market growth potential.

Digital Twin Report Structure

  • Section 1 – Landscape Map Review
  • Section 2 – Roadmap and Gap Analysis
  • Section 3 – Business Model for Connected DTs at Scale – 2030/2050
  • Section 4 – Macroeconomic Forecast/Implications

Project deliverables

techUK is seeking support to:

  1. Narrow down the scope as well as identify the highest growth potential in particular markets.
  2. Conduct a data analysis and create a roadmap.
  3. Create a macroeconomic forecast and projection.

We will contribute to the work, however, the macro-economic forecast will be developed solely based on your research and data points.

Process and timeline

The launch of the report in Autumn 2024 (a specific date will be identified together with the author). 


We are looking for the following attributes:

  • Micro and macroeconomics expertise.
  • Civil service expertise.
  • Quantitative and qualitative analytical skills.
  • Good understanding of the technology sector.
  • In-depth research-proven track record.
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills.
  • Proven knowledge of digital twin technology.
  • Proven track record in writing skills, ideally have published previous work.


The deadline for applications is 15 March 2024. 

More information is available upon request. Please contact Teodora Kaneva at [email protected]


Teodora Kaneva

Teodora Kaneva

Head of Smart Infrastructure and Systems, techUK

Teodora’s rich background varies from working in business development for a renewable energy lobbying association in Brussels to the fast moving technology innovation startup scene in the UK.

She has designed the market strategy for a German renewable energy engineering scale up for the UK, listed on Nasdaq private market, and now one of the fastest growing scale ups in the world. Previous experience also includes managing a renewable energy startup in London, which has built a small-scale biomass CHP power plant. Teodora is passionate about cross-industry collaboration and working together with academia to inform the design of future educational models and skill building.

Most recently Teodora has ran the commercial activities and business development at Future Cities Catapult, focusing on innovation in cities, digital health and wellbeing, mobility, and infrastructure. Teodora is a passionate STEM Ambassador and a vocal advocate for women in tech.

[email protected]
020 7331 2016

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