techUK supports Safer Internet Day 2022

techUK is pleased to support #SaferInternetDay2022 which is celebrating with the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’

Safer Internet Day creates a welcome opportunity to celebrate the benefits of technology while informing a national conversation around how children, young people and adults can go about their online lives responsibly, respectfully and critically.

techUK members are creating the platforms and services which enable families and young people to connect, collaborate and form a sense of community. With this online opportunity comes inevitable risk from bad actors which makes it even more important for tech companies to develop digital skills initiatives and create more secure environments.

Safer Internet Day marks a useful day to showcase the range of different initiatives which are taking place across the tech sector and beyond. techUK members are supporting in a range of ways. To name a few:

As we look ahead to the rest of 2022 and the upcoming Online Safety Bill, techUK and its members will continue to create solutions which support safe online experiences through making changes to systems and advancing digital skills initiatives for society.

Julian David, techUK CEO said:

"Tech innovation and the positive use of technology bring significant benefits to our daily lives. Our members are enabling young people, professionals, and families to socialise, learn, create, and work online through the products and services they design. Safer Internet Day marks an important day to showcase the opportunities of tech innovation and digital skills initiatives which are critical to allow society to feel safer and more resilient online."



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