techUK Responds to the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee Inquiry | A flexible grid for the future

Our response focuses on the technological landscape and the pivotal role that innovation and digitalisation play in realising a sustainable energy system.

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techUK is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Energy Security and Net Zero select committee's call for evidence, focusing on the pivotal role of innovation and digitalisation in shaping a sustainable energy system. Our response underscores the immense potential of digital infrastructure, the integration of renewable energy sources, the imperative for collaboration, and the challenges associated with technology adoption.

Grid Connection Reform: The need for reforming grid connection processes and investment has been emphasised as a critical step towards attracting investments and fostering confidence in the energy sector. By harnessing digital technologies such as AI, machine learning, quantum computing, and digital twins, we can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of power dispatch, thereby contributing to a more resilient and flexible energy infrastructure.

Leveraging Digital Infrastructure for a Sustainable Energy Ecosystem: Our response highlights the transformative power of digitalisation in revolutionising the energy landscape. By adopting smart grids, IoT enabled devices, and advanced data analytics, utilities can achieve resource optimisation, waste reduction, and enhanced overall system efficiency. Embracing digital technologies offers the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, advancing the UK's journey towards a net zero future. The imperative of collaboration and the urgency of embracing digital solutions to address decarbonisation challenges are vital for achieving energy security and a cleaner energy ecosystem.

We urge the government to prioritise initiatives that accelerate the deployment of digital technologies, fostering innovation, and collaboration across the industry. By embracing digital twins and advanced modelling tools, we can optimise energy systems and drive informed decision-making. Innovation is at the core of our vision, and by fostering an environment that encourages experimentation and partnerships, we can steer the UK towards becoming a global leader in sustainable energy solutions. Collaboration among stakeholders, including government, industry, academia, and civil society, is essential in realising our shared goal of a holistic and resilient energy ecosystem that propels us towards a net zero future.

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Teodora Kaneva

Teodora Kaneva

Head of Smart Infrastructure and Systems, techUK

Teodora’s rich background varies from working in business development for a renewable energy lobbying association in Brussels to the fast moving technology innovation startup scene in the UK.

She has designed the market strategy for a German renewable energy engineering scale up for the UK, listed on Nasdaq private market, and now one of the fastest growing scale ups in the world. Previous experience also includes managing a renewable energy startup in London, which has built a small-scale biomass CHP power plant. Teodora is passionate about cross-industry collaboration and working together with academia to inform the design of future educational models and skill building.

Most recently Teodora has ran the commercial activities and business development at Future Cities Catapult, focusing on innovation in cities, digital health and wellbeing, mobility, and infrastructure. Teodora is a passionate STEM Ambassador and a vocal advocate for women in tech.

[email protected]
020 7331 2016

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