techUK responds to Plan for Drivers, calling for joined-up transport vision

The Transport Secretary recently unveiled a new 30-point plan intended to help protect driving in the UK.

techUK has responded to the Plan for Drivers, unveiled at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on 1 October. The plan contains a number of measures to curb “over-zealous” enforcement and improve condition for drivers. In response to the Plan, techUK’s Matthew Evans, Director of Markets, said that:  

The Plan for Drivers offers several welcome initiatives for innovation that can improve our roads. However, it remains critical we think about transport in the most holistic way possible, encompassing road, rail, air, and sea, as part of an interconnected system. We will only be able to bring our transport network into the 21st century with a joined-up approach and clear vision for the entire sector. This should be underscored by setting the correct regulatory conditions for innovation and developing clear policy roadmaps to inject confidence back into the industry. It is only with this approach that we can give the technology sector the confidence and signals it needs to invest in developing solutions that can revolutionise transport for everyone.

Matthew Evans, Director of Markets


The Plan for Drivers contained a number of notable announcements made for technology and innovation that are summarised below: 

Enabling smoother journeys by: 

  • rolling out the Live Labs 2 programme to explore new, low-carbon and high-tech ways of managing local highway networks, supporting the transition to net zero carbon local roads and infrastructure 

  • developing a New Road Condition Data Standard to provide local authorities with access to new technologies enabling them more easily to identify and deal with road defects like potholes 

  • £30 million fund to upgrade traffic signal systems, replacing unreliable and obsolete equipment to improve reliability 

  • £20 million ‘Green Light Fund’ to tune up traffic signals to better reflect current traffic conditions and get traffic flowing 

  • £20 million to deploy advanced technology for traffic signals, making use of machine learning and AI to optimise traffic flow and balance traffic across city centres 

Making parking easier by: 

  • delivering the new National Parking Platform by autumn 2024, ending the need to use multiple parking apps 

  • introducing digitised traffic regulation orders to help easily identify where it is legal to park anywhere in the country 

Tackling inconsiderate driving by: 

  • allowing local councils to roll out noise cameras to target unacceptable vehicle modifications  

  • clamping down on roadside littering, extending the trial on camera enforcement across the strategic road network 

Supporting the transition to zero emission driving by: 

  • reviewing grid connections process for EV chargepoints, with the aim to accelerate it 

  • consulting on measures to speed up the approvals process for installation of chargepoints 

  • providing dedicated, targeted support for schools to install chargepoints, using existing grants  

  • widening eligibility of EV chargepoint grants to include cross-pavement solutions to make EV ownership a more practical option for those without off-street parking 

  • providing guidance on the use of safe cross-pavement solutions 

  • consulting on the expansion of permitted development rights, making private chargepoint installation cheaper and easier 

  • working with industry to myth-bust concerns about EVs 

Last month, techUK along with other industry bodies, voiced its disappointment that the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles has been delayed from 2030 to 2035. This move is widely viewed as a misstep in the UK’s climate leadership bid, creating uncertainty for investors and businesses.  

We hope to see the UK taking a long-term view of the entire transport industry to ensure we can meet our decabonsiation targets, improve services and bolster economic growth across the country. You can read more about our work supporting innovation in transport on our website or by emailing [email protected]  

Ashley Feldman

Ashley Feldman

Programme Manager, Transport and Smart Cities, techUK

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