26 Mar 2024
by Weronika Dorociak

techUK responds to call for evidence on Modern Slavery Act 2015

techUK has submitted its response to the House of Lords led call for evidence on the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

In the response, techUK advocated for the Act to be updated. Although acknowledging some positive aspects of the current approach, we emphasised that the Act has fallen short in addressing the growing demand for corporate transparency, technological advancements, and legislative developments in other jurisdictions.

Some of the recommendations we put forward to the Committee include:

  • Industry stakeholders to be consulted to determine which recommendations from the independent review can still be implemented and identify additional measures.

  • Exploring the possibility of merging human rights and sustainability within corporate reporting frameworks, especially in view of the upcoming UK Sustainability Disclosure Standards (UK SDS). 

  • Widespread adoption of technology-driven solutions among designated organisations such as the Border Force, local authorities and the police. 

  • Increasing engagement between the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and the tech sector. 

  • Closer alignment with other jurisdictions (especially the EU) and adoption of standards that are global in nature.

  • Introduction of an employee headcount threshold alongside the turnover threshold, making it applicable on an "and/or" basis.

  • Requirement for businesses to embed modern slavery due diligence into internal policies and risk management systems to prevent it from being a once-a-year activity. 

  • Removal of section 54(4)(b) which allows companies to report they have taken no steps to address modern slavery in their supply chains.

  • Requirement for businesses to explicitly state the time frame to which their modern slavery statement applies, while also allowing them flexibility to select their preferred reporting timelines.

  • Gradual introduction of non-compliance measures (e.g. warnings and financial penalties) for companies that fall short in their modern slavery due diligence efforts. 

The responses to the call for evidence will contribute to a broader inquiry aimed at evaluating the impact and effectiveness of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The appointed Committee is anticipated to deliver its report by 30 November 2024. Members will be updated about any developments.

Call for Evidence on Modern Slavery Act 2015 - techUK response.docx

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