Recordings and Slides: UK SPF Plenary - Report Launch, 6G and Cluster Updates

During this event, we launched the latest report we commissioned, The role of spectrum policy in tackling the climate change issue. 

The report, by Plum Consulting, can be accessed for free here - you need to sign in.

This event took place on Thursday, 21 October 14:00-16:00

If a session title is in blue and underlined a PDF of the slides has been linked and a recording of their presentation has been added to where it says 'video'.


Welcome - David Meyer, Chair, UK SPF, SLIDES

Report Launch: Summary of 'The role of radio spectrum policy to help combat climate change' - Tim Miller and Aude Schoentgen, Plum Consulting, SLIDES and VIDEO

Research into spectrum considerations for 6G - Janette Stewart, Analysys Mason, SLIDES and VIDEO

The shaping up of the European 6G vision – towards “Internet for all”? - Simon Fletcher, Real Wireless and International Working Group, UK5G, SLIDES and VIDEO

Summary of the recent UK SPF Steering Board - Abhaya Sumanasena, Real Wireless and UK SPF Steering Board Chair, SLIDES

Cluster updates 

-Saul Friedner, Cluster 1 and LS Telcom, SLIDES 

-Stephen Temple, Cluster 2 and University of Surrey 5G IC, SLIDES

-Jo O'Riordan or David Meyer on behalf of Tony Lavender, Cluster 3 and Plum Consulting, SLIDES

- Kumar Singarajah, Cluster 4 and Euroma Ltd, SLIDES

Summary and close - David Meyer, UK SPF Chair

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Sophie James

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Manuel R. Marti

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Julia Ofori-Addo

Julia Ofori-Addo

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Archie Breare

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