04 Oct 2021

Public Consultation: On recommendations to government on how to harness the potential of 6G

Led by UK SPF | Start date: 4 October 2021 | Deadline: 12:00 noon on Friday 15 October 2021

Following three university-led 6G Spectrum Initiative workshops* an expert panel** have created a list of recommendations that can be found in section 3 of the document below.  

Specifically, relating to 6G, we want to ensure that we have captured any potential research gaps, and any potential spectrum policy implications.

Therefore, the UK Spectrum Policy Forum (SPF) are seeking views on the recommendations via this public consultation.

The document below also contains background information on the process plus a section on this Public Consultation, we recommend you review it – section 7.


  1. Do you believe that the five goals (which can be found below and in section 2 of the document) assumed as the basis for this initiative are the right goals that the government should set as national 6G research goals? 
  • Widespread coverage to prevent the manifestation of a “digital divide” and to contribute to improved health and social care outcomes and future transport ambitions.
  • Innovation in spectrum management (e.g. through the use of automation and AI), to improve spectrum efficiency and densify spectrum sharing, particularly in the low frequency, mid and mid high frequency bands suitable for mobile connectivity.
  • Economic viability of roll-out of next generation mobile infrastructure (through enabling new service possibilities or significant cost savings).
  • Alignment with the government’s net zero targets.
  • Seamless connectivity – a “network of networks” (for example the integration of terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks) with high security and resilience.
  1. Given that low and mid bands are where some of the biggest challenges will be around the five goals, do you think the government should place a particular research priority on low band frequencies and mid band frequencies projects that can more effectively address one or more of the above five goals in a significant way? 
  2. Can you identify any other significant research projects that have been missed that have the potential to also address the 6G research goals? 
  3. Can you identify any future regulatory innovations (post 2030) that should be on the SPF long-term thinking agenda? 
  4. Do you have any other comments relevant to the UK's spectrum related research communities’ approach to 6G, and/or our eight recommendations?
Click Here to Download the Consultation Document


Video recorded during the Cluster 2 event on 5 October 'Stephen Temple, Explaining the 6G project including the public consultation':

The Cluster 2 event on 5 October: https://www.techuk.org/resource/uk-spf-slides-plus-a-recording-from-the-cluster-2-session-on-6g.html 

Responses to: [email protected]

For public comment responses to be accepted and published they will have:

  • Addressed one or more of the questions
  • Be within the maximum limit of a 250 word limit (total response per respondee bar questions/name etc)
  • Have a name (and affiliation where relevant) attached - your response will be attributed.
  • Please submit your response in a Word document - not a PDF

If you do not abide by these requirements your response may be rejected.

*You can access the slides and recordings from the University-led workshops below

University of Bristol – 26 May 2021

University of Surrey – 1 July 2021

University of Strathclyde – 16 September 2021

**The expert panel




Mark Beach

Professor and Prosperity Partnership Lead

University of Bristol

Rahim Tafazolli

Professor and Director 5G/6GIC

University of Surrey

Bob Stewart (Chair)

Professor and Lead of Strath 5G Cluster

University of Strathclyde

James Dracott

Head of ICT


JF Fava-Verde

Innovation Lead (Digital)

InnovateUK - UKRI

Dave Townend

Wireless Research Manager

British Telecom

David Lister

Senior R&D Manager


Raj Sivalingam

Head of Spectrum


Adam Beaumont

Chair aql group; Chair Northinvest

UK Entrepreneur

Abhaya Sumanasena

Managing Consultant

Real Wireless & Chair SPF Steering Board

Luigi Ardito

Senior Director, Government Affairs Europe

Qualcomm & Vice-Chair SPF Steering Board

John Haine


IoT Security Foundation

Ex Officio:



Jo O'Riordan

Head of Spectrum Policy and Telecoms

UK SPF and techUK

Stephen Temple

Chair, Cluster 2: Long-term spectrum policy


Jo O'Riordan

Jo O'Riordan

Head of Spectrum Policy and Telecoms, techUK

Jo leads the work of the UK SPF, the sounding board to government and Ofcom on medium to long-term spectrum issues in the UK and supports the delivery of the Communication Infrastructure Programme.

Prior to her appointment in 2018 Jo held positions at Islington Council, the Industry and Parliament Trust, Inside Government, and most recently at Smart Energy GB in policy and public affairs role. Here Jo predominately oversaw the organisations engagement with MPs and local government alongside external speaking opportunities.

Outside of work Jo likes spending as much time as possible with her dog Fudge, as well as cooking, watching live comedy, and running (but not that far or that fast). 

[email protected]
020 7331 2191

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Julia Ofori-Addo

Julia Ofori-Addo

Programme Assistant, BSG, Central Government, Financial Services Team, Comms Infrastructure, techUK

Julia Ofori-Addo supports the Broadband Stakeholder Group, Central Government, Financial Services and Communications Infrastructure with administrative and event support, research and communication.

Julia is bilingual – German and English native. Prior to joining techUK, Julia worked as an IT Team Administrator at Interxion Ltd (data center) supporting and coordinating teams with the Incident Management Protocols (IMP), auditing and reporting procedures and processes and assisting senior management with various secretarial/administrative duties. She has exceptional experience in handling and updating in-house database systems and a proven track record of demonstrating strong interpersonal skills.

Julia is a graduate at the University of Kent with a BSc in Computer Science and Business Administration. In her personal time, she enjoys current affairs discussions, going to the gym and travelling.

[email protected]

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