21 Sep 2021

Launch of the UK-APAC Tech Forum: UK-Asia Pacific Digital Trade

Full event recording here

The APAC region plays an important role in establishing the UK’s global leadership in digital trade. The region is home to Singapore, Australia and New Zealand - countries breaking ground in digital trade with the Digital Economy Agreement and Digital Economy Partnership Agreement - and to some of the fastest growing digital markets and tech ecosystems in the world.

The importance of Asia Pacific economies has been made central to UK’s international trade strategy. With 65% of the world's middle class set to be in the Asia Pacific by 2030 and ASEAN’s potential to enter the top five digital economies in the world by 2025, it is important for UK tech business to start building commercial networks in these fast-growing markets.

The event will focus on how both regions can work together in areas of digital trade policy and tech innovation, what opportunities new digital trade partnerships will bring to tech businesses and how to overcome challenges when growing tech business in the APAC region.

This event is organized in partnership with the Digital Trade Network.