10 Nov 2022
by Nick Hill, Chris Weston

Getting more from less - driving transformational change for SMEs with cloud (Guest blog by Jumar)


Authors: Nick Hill, Azure Practice Lead, Jumar | Chris Weston, CDIO, Jumar

Cloud can be a shortcut to digital transformation for many SMEs and open access to the latest data analytics tools, but SMEs also experience significant barriers to cloud adoption. We explore how cloud can support digital transformation for SMEs and boost productivity across the UK.

There are many reasons why companies of all sizes have chosen cloud technologies in recent years as a platform for transformation and growth. Surveys of organisations around the world throw up common benefits that they see from migrating to cloud, such as:

  • Engendering a more agile business culture

  • Enabling a greater use of automation

  • Ensuring a faster time to market for new products and services

  • Having faster access to innovative solutions and features

  • Improving competitiveness and growing the top line

This has happened gradually in many larger organisations with sprawling IT estates that can often be addressed one area at a time, lessons learned from the early projects and wider cloud strategies built over the migration period. For SMEs the challenge is often that their technology stack is smaller and built around the needs of the specific business area that they work in. To make a false step is not just unfortunate, it can be fatal.

One of the first things that SMEs have to do when moving to cloud models is to manage the shift in focus from upfront hardware and software purchases and the CapEx model to a subscription-style OpEx model.

This is why it’s important for SMEs to partner with technology providers with experience and expertise in these activities so that the right cloud approach can be established and the most appropriate technologies are selected to maximise the return on investment.

One of the first things that SMEs have to do when moving to cloud models is to manage the shift in focus from upfront hardware and software purchases and the CapEx model to a subscription-style OpEx model. This is no easy feat, as while cloud can be more cost-effective over the long term it is also easy to fall into the trap of overspending if it is not managed correctly.  A good tech partner will ensure that their customer has the right tools and information to keep on top of this aspect, but since it is “tomorrow’s problem”, it’s an easy thing to miss or cut out for cost reasons.

As the move to cloud gets underway it is possible for a business to achieve genuine commercial agility through the ability to test new products and services and bring efficiencies to their operations faster than they could possibly have done before. If you have invested in Microsoft cloud, whether that be 365 or Azure, you have access to a phenomenal amount of pre-built services that you can leverage with a relatively small amount of configuration or development, allowing you to add more value to your business with less investment. The diagram below represents the route to value through business differentiation, and the head-start various cloud models can provide.


However, like any innovation or change it can be a gamble. Working with a partner that understands the art of the possible and can point you in the right direction regarding the services, methods and governance models that will work for you can save you precious time and money, and lead to much faster recognition of business value, along with more successful business cases.

Our team at Jumar have been working on pre-packaged proofs of concept that you can try in your own business in less than a month, utilising Azure technology types such as IoT integration and form recognition to quickly prove out your use case.  We’re genuinely excited about the opportunity these tools bring and we want you to be too!

How SMEs can use digital transformation and the cloud to punch above their weight

Guest blog from BDD Software- #CloudFuture

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Nick Hill

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