09 Apr 2024

Get involved in techUK’s Local Public Services Innovation Week 2024

techUK members and local government stakeholders are invited to contribute to techUK’s Local Public Services Innovation Week, which will take place from Tuesday 28-Friday 31 May 2024.

Call for guest blogs from members and stakeholders on #LPSInnovation, looking at how digital innovations can transform local public service outcomes.

techUK members and local government stakeholders are invited to contribute to techUK’s Local Public Services Innovation Week, which will take place from Tuesday 28 - Friday 31 May 2024.

techUK will also host its annual Local Public Services Innovation Summit on 12 June at techUK offices in London. Attending is free for members and the public sector, so register now to secure your in-person ticket. Join us as we rethink how councils’ services are delivered and the role innovation and technology can play in helping local authorities meet their pressing challenges.

During the  week, we will showcase the innovation happening across local government and explore the emerging technologies and conditions needed to transform the delivery and outcomes of local public services, as well as the skills necessary for the future workforce and how we can use procurement as an enabler for innovation and deliver better value for the council and users

Each day during the week, there will be a different topic with blog posts and videos (#LPSInnovation) on each theme. We invite you to contribute to one of the topics outlined below.

If you would like to contribute, please see below the types of content we accept. Please email [email protected] by 3 May which topic and theme you’d like to contribute to, so we can confirm you in our content calendar.

You can read our contributor guidelines in more detail here. The blogs and video content will be featured on the techUK website and promoted via Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the week. Please send your blog or video to [email protected] no later than 17 May.

The themes for the Innovation week content submission are:

  • Procurement as an enabler for innovation
    • How can we ensure success in tech procurement for local government?
    • How can we best navigate procurement processes for local government?
  • Skills needed for the workforce of the future
    • What are the behaviour changes or skills gaps that need to be addressed to support the creation of a space where innovation can thrive?
    • What skills, roles and functions do local authorities need to adopt emerging technologies and keep up with the pace of innovation.
  • Creating more resilient and cost-effective services
    • What is needed to create long-lasting, resilient and cost-effective local public services to support our communities?
    • How can collaboration and partnership between councils, industry and residents help co-create meaningful services?
  • Technologies transforming local outcomes and delivering resilient services
    • How do we create the conditions for innovation and technology to thrive?
    • What are the technologies transforming the delivery of our local public services and helping to solve some of the most pressing problems our communities and places face?

We welcome a variety of formats so that you can decide what would best fit your company. Here is what you can submit and some guidelines:


These will be published on our website as an insight page.

  • Between 600 – 1,000 words long 
  • Can include images, infographics and videos/vlogs (see below guidelines about submitting vlogs) 
  • Add links throughout your text 
  • Download our blog submission form here (instructions here), fill it in and submit.


These will be published on our website as an insight page. 

  • Between 3 to 6 minutes  
  • YouTube link or MP4 file 
  • Title for the video and any intro text 
  • Examples: #1 

Video Statements 

These will be published on our social media channels primarily and spotlighted on our campaign week page. 

  • Create a 30 to 90 seconds (max 2 min) speaking to camera video, responding/expanding to 1 of the questions/topics above.
  • Email us your video at https://wetransfer.com/. Instructions here.  
  • Examples: #1 , #2

Georgina Maratheftis

Georgina Maratheftis

Associate Director, Local Public Services, techUK

Georgina is techUK’s Associate Director for Local Public Services

Georgina works with suppliers that are active or looking to break into the market as well as with local public services to create the conditions for meaningful transformation. techUK regularly bring together local public services and supplier community to horizon scan and explore how the technologies of today and tomorrow can help solve some of the most pressing problems our communities face and improve outcomes for our people and places.

Prior to techUK, Georgina worked for a public policy events company where she managed the policy briefing division and was responsible for generating new ideas for events that would add value to the public sector. Georgina worked across a number of portfolios from education, criminal justice, and health but had a particular interest in public sector transformation and technology. Georgina also led on developing relationships across central and local government.

If you’d like to learn more about techUK, or want to get involved, get in touch.

[email protected]
020 7331 2029

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Ileana Lupsa

Ileana Lupsa

Programme Manager, Local Public Services and Nations and Regions, techUK

Ileana Lupsa is the Programme Manager for Local Public Services and Nations and Regions, at techUK.

Ileana studied electronics, telecommunications and IT as an undergraduate, followed by an MSc in engineering and project management at Coventry University.

She refined her programme management expertise through her most recent roles working in the automotive industry.

Ileana is passionate about sustainability and creating a positive impact globally through innovation.

[email protected]

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Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK

Tracy supports several areas at techUK, including Cyber Exchange, Cyber Security, Defence, Health and Social Care, Local Public Services, Nations and Regions and National Security.

Tracy joined techUK in March 2022, having worked in the education sector for 19 years, covering administration, research project support, IT support and event/training support. My most outstanding achievement has been running three very successful international conferences and over 300 training courses booked all over the globe!

Tracy has a great interest in tech. Gaming and computing have been a big part of her life, and now electric cars are an exciting look at the future. She has warmed to Alexa, even though it can sometimes be sassy!

[email protected]

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Local Public Services Programme

techUK's Local Public Services Programme provides the forum for local public services to engage with industry to better understand the innovations out there, horizon-scan how the technologies of today and tomorrow can re-imagine local public services and solve some of the most pressing challenges our communities and places face. It also helps connect suppliers with each other, identify new business partnerships to help grow an ever thriving local government ecosystem.

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Social Care Working Group

The Working Group acts a neutral forum for knowledge exchange across the supplier base and for public sector stakeholders to engage with the market. While identifying common challenges and solutions and offering the opportunity to leverage synergies to partner as often an ecosystem approach is needed to solve a problem.

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