21 Jun 2024

Event Roundup: Stress & Burnout in Cyber Security Professionals

A summary and the recording of this recent webinar.

On Thursday 20 June techUK was delighted to be host a special webinar to explore the impact of stressful work situations and environments on the mental health of cyber security professionals, and more broadly what this means for their organisations’ cyber resilience.

Inspired by the recent launch of the Mental Health in Cyber Security Charter, our panel of senior industry representatives including Sarb Sembhi, Annabel Berry, Christian Toon and Dr Kashyap Thimmaraju covered a variety of topics including:

  • Why is the cyber profession so susceptible to stress and burnout?
  • What risk does that stress and burnout carry for the organisation/employers?
  • Does speaking about mental health still come with a stigma in this profession?
  • What strategies organisations can put in place to adopt a zero tolerance approach to bullying?
  • What practical steps can we take to protect our cyber teams from the mental health issues that can accumulate from the pressure they're under?

You can watch the full session hereRead more on the topic of stress and burnout in the cyber profession here

To find out more about the Mental Health in Cyber Security Charter and sign up to it, email: c[email protected]

techUK webinar: Stress & burnout in the cyber security profession


Jill Broom

Jill Broom

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Annie Collings

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