07 Oct 2021

Event Round-Up: NS&I Rainbow Programme – Digital Experience & Digital Enablement Procurement Package Briefing

A summary and the recording of the briefing session on NS&I Rainbow Programme's Digital Experience & Digital Enablement Procurement.

On 5 October, techUK was once again delighted to host NS&I for a supplier briefing on the second of its four procurement packages, Digital Experience and Digital Enablement.

This package will procure a strategic supplier of managed services to support a multi-channel digital banking experience platform that will underpin NS&I’s delivery of digital self-service customer journeys, and to provide enablers for Assisted Digital support. (The Assisted Digital service itself will be in the scope of a subsequent package).

The contract resulting from this package will provide the business, technology, and operational capabilities needed to transform NS&I's digital customer journeys and experiences. These will include services to support the integration, hosting, and management of the digital banking experience platform. The contract will also deliver business enablement services, such as: digital communications; Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering checks; identity verification; and multi-factor authentication. NS&I’s customer experience development will also benefit from support services including: Service Design; Customer Experience design; and User Experience design and development.

NS&I briefed attendees on:

  • its vision for the Digital Experience and Digital Enablement package;
  • its requirements and thinking on the people, ways of working and technology capabilities needed to support its evolving digital customer offer;
  • the organisation’s commercial and collaboration approach; and
  • the indicative timescale of the competitive procedure with negotiation.

The session concluded with a supplier Q&A. For more information, head to the FAQ section on the NS&I Rainbow Programme website.

Along with the slides from the presentation, a supplier survey was issued to all registered attendees after the event and NS&I would like all responses to be returned to them by Sunday 17 October.

You can watch the recording of the full event here:

NS&I Rainbow Programme: Digital Experience & Digital Enablement Briefing

Supplier sessions

NS&I is looking to engage in a series of direct conversations with a number of suppliers following the event to obtain direct feedback on the requirements and challenge areas of our thinking. If you are interested in participating in these sessions please contact NS&I directly at [email protected] stating your organisation’s interest and capability. NS&I will be looking to select a representative sample of service providers, software vendors and partners to assist with this process. Participation or not does not have any bearing on the ability to bid for the opportunity. Sessions are expected to occur on w/c 11 October and 18 October.

More about NS&I

National Savings and Investments (NS&I), the UK’s savings bank, gives everybody the opportunity to save confidently while providing a source of funds for government. NS&I has this year embarked on a significant transformation of its outsourced business process services - the Rainbow Programme.

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Heather Cover-Kus

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Ellie Huckle

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