25 Jan 2024
by Robert Walker

Building a Digital Future for Healthcare: Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust in Focus

The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, serving over 772,000 people across five geographical areas, is at the forefront of digital transformation in the UK healthcare system. With a dedicated team led by CIO Lee Rickles, the Trust is not only delivering essential primary care, mental health, physical health, and community hospital services but also actively shaping the future of healthcare through innovative digital initiatives. 

A Foundation of Strong Numbers and Dedication 

With a workforce of 3,600 skilled professionals, the Trust boasts an impressive range of services and a commitment to research, with 37 active projects underway, with a particular focus on dementia research. This dedication to continuous improvement and scientific advancement lays a strong foundation for the Trust's digital vision. 

Charting the Course: A Digital Roadmap for 2023-2027 

Lee outlined the Trust's ambitious digital strategy, encompassing both short-term and long-term goals. Here are some key highlights: 


  • Implementing Agile working across the Trust to foster a more responsive and adaptable approach. 

  • Increasing utilisation of the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record and the National Care Record for seamless information sharing. 

  • Introducing SNOMED coding to standardise medical terminology. 

  • Significantly improving the user experience of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) by raising the score from 0 - 10 

  • Rolling out electronic prescribing across community teams for enhanced efficiency. 


  • Achieving the prestigious BCS platinum organisational accreditation, a testament to the Trust's commitment to excellence in IT governance. 

  • Implementing a patient-held record system, empowering individuals with greater control over their health data. 

  • Modernising the network infrastructure with a new WAN and telecoms solution. 

Navigating the Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities 

Lee also acknowledged the current challenges impacting the Trust's digital journey, including the need for cost reduction, the evolving landscape of data sharing regulations, and shifting priorities within the NHS and the local Integrated Care System. 

The AI Conundrum: Ethical Considerations and Workforce Impact 

The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare was acknowledged, but Lee emphasised the importance of careful consideration: what type of AI will be used, how will it be integrated with existing systems, and the potential impact will it on the workforce. He acknowledged that upskilling and building awareness within the healthcare team are crucial aspects of successful AI implementation. 

Collaboration for Impact: The Power of Partnerships 

The final highlight from Lee's presentation was the significance of outcome-based partnership working. By collaborating with other Trusts and organizations, the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust can maximize the impact of its digital initiatives and contribute to a more efficient and effective healthcare system for all. 

A Glimpse into the Future: 

The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust's digital vision paints a picture of a future where technology empowers both patients and healthcare professionals, leading to improved care outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and a more personalized healthcare experience.  

Watch the full recording and slides below! 

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Robert Walker