Age Appropriate Design Code comes into force in six months

Tuesday 2nd March marks the halfway point of the ICO’s Age Appropriate Design Code transition period, which will come to a close on 2 September 2021. 

The ICO are calling on organisations and businesses to ‘make the necessary changes to their online services and products’ with only six months to go until the code comes into force.  


What does the Code mean for me? 

The AADC is a statutory code of practice for online services which are likely to be accessed by a child, required under S.123 of the Data Protection Act 2018.   

The AADC does not just apply to social media or services that target children, but any information society service that is likely to be accessed by a child. The Code aims to provide a “high privacy by default” to automatically provide children with a built-in baseline of data protection whenever they download a new app, game or visit a website.  

The Code contains 15 different standards on data collection and protection, from parental controls to profiling. Companies are expected to apply these standards accordingly depending on the age of the user and perceived risks of the service. If you are not certain about the age of your users, then you must apply the standards in this code to all users. 


ICO consultation on transparency  

To coincide with the halfway mark, the regulator has also launched an open call for transparency champions to hear ideas and examples of privacy information designs that meet the vision of the AADC transparency standard.  The deadline for completion is Friday 30 April.  

techUK has been supporting the ICO by promoting webinars and workshops for members. If you would like further information on the ICO’s AADC or our work in this area, please get in touch with [email protected].   



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