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My groups

techUK's programmes and groups are designed to help members build markets and networks, whilst reducing the cost and risk of operating in the UK. Each programme has a representative steering board of members who reflect the wider membership. They shape our programme and group activities and meet regularly to bring focus to policy, as well as to provide a consultative industry panel for government and other stakeholders.

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Communications Infrastructure and Services

The Position, Navigation and Timing Committee (PNTC) looks at the technology, regulatory and policy issues, development and investment opportunities, and applications and services of satellite-based location technology.

The STC meets quarterly to consider matters related to satellite telecoms from R&D, including the European ARTES programme, to services and applications including the provision and marketing of satellite broadband, satellite IOT, and broadcast.


UK Spectrum Policy Forum

UK SPF - Cluster 1: Future Spectrum Demand

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Cluster 1 of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum is focused on discussing the impact of new services and technologies on future spectrum demand, and the continued availability of spectrum, across all users of spectrum.

Cluster 2’s remit is to expand on spectrum access mechanisms and look at future spectrum requirements and sharing mechanisms.

Cluster 3's remit is to discuss spectrum value and efficiency. Its focus is the contribution of spectrum to growth in UK economic and social welfare, and increasing spectrum efficiency through more effective transmitter and receiver parameters.

Cluster 4 is chaired by Kumar Singarajah. It focuses on international developments in spectrum policy, in the EU, CEPT and the ITU, and their potential impact on UK.