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Whether your priorities are to network with the industry and key stakeholders, to help shape policy, or to have access to insights that help your business to grow, techUK membership will positively impact your organisation in whatever way matters most to you.

Is techUK membership for you?

We’re pleased to represent 1000+ members, from household names to ones-to-watch. Our members include SMEs and multinationals, firms from every nation and region in the UK, and with a breadth of interest, from AI to Quantum, Health to Telecoms. 

We have two categories of membership: 

Full member – Any company that provides a digital technology, product, service or application
Affiliate member - Any business with an interest in the tech sector e.g. law firms, management consultancies or accountancy practices.

Membership is at a corporate level, meaning all of your colleagues can access techUK resources.


There are five core benefits of techUK membership:


1. Industry Access

When you join techUK you join our community. We are a membership of over 1,000 firms, plus policy makers, regulators, decision makers and thought leaders from across the UK. We help our community to build strong relationships, affect industry change, reach their audiences and customers, and grow their business.

2. Influence Policy

We help our members to create the best environment for growth. Our relationship with government and regulators allows us to advocate for regulatory solutions and policy that help our members to compete and grow. Being part of this process helps members to strengthen their influence and raise their profile.

3. Inside Track

We provide our members with the inside track on the tech sector. Our team is at the forefront of UK tech innovation projects and policy that impact our members and our industry. We interpret, filter, and provide insight and guidance to members, to help them identify opportunities and risks and prepare for the future. We give our members the edge.

4. Impact Performance

Through the opportunities and advantages of techUK membership, our members can impact their performance. They raise their profile. They meet suppliers, partners, and customers. They react better to the market. They are compliant with regulation and legislation. They build better strategies. Our members are better prepared for what comes next.

5. Return on Investment

Across 21 dedicated programmes our expert teams help our members to do things they could not do alone. We help them to affect policy beneficial to their business. We help build relationships critical to their growth. We showcase their insights, products and services. We demonstrate their leadership and expertise in their field, and we facilitate hundreds of meetings and events, creating opportunities to meet suppliers, partners, regulators and customers.


Download our quick guides to learn more about the value and benefits of membership

An introduction to techUK membership for SMEs

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An introduction to techUK for mid-size and large companies

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Membership enquiry form - how to join techUK

The first step towards becoming a member of techUK is to have a meeting with our Membership team. In this meeting we can discuss the value of membership, answer your questions, and explain our joining process. 

If you would like to find out more about techUK membership please complete the enquiry form below and our Membership team will be in touch. Alternatively, FAQs are below, or you are welcome to email us at [email protected] for further information.



Membership FAQs

How do you define an SME member?

We use the official European definition of an SME which is up to 250 employees and/or £44m GBP turnover. You can see the full SME definition here.

How much does membership cost?

Membership fees are calculated on the size of the company planning to join techUK. There are a number of factors including type of company, UK headcount, and UK turnover that input into the calculation. The first step towards membership is always a meeting with our Membership team where we can determine your annual fee. For further information please contact [email protected] or complete the online enquiry form above and the Membership team will be in touch to set up a meeting.  

How does membership work?

Membership of techUK is fully corporate. This means that should you join, all of your colleagues will have access to everything that we do at techUK – including access to over 400 free events a year, access to over 100 working groups and strategic committees, plus reports, white papers, blogs, and newsletters covering a range of critical themes for the tech sector. For further information please see our membership brochures above or contact [email protected]

Can non-UK businesses apply?

Our membership is open to any tech organisation that has operations in the UK. We would request that a business set up a registered entity in the UK by no later than the completion of the first year of membership with techUK, but for the first year we can accept co-working or virtual addresses. 

Can I join techUK as an individual?

techUK is a B2B network and membership is offered to corporate entities rather than on an individual basis. Should your organisation join techUK as a member, all of your staff have access to everything that we do at techUK.

techUK membership is by corporate annual subscription with a fee that is calculated from a company’s UK turnover and the number of UK staff. Please get in touch with [email protected] with any further questions.

How we work with our members

As a member-led body, our members shape our strategy, outputs, and programme of activities. Dependent on their strategic priorities, members can work with us in three distinct ways:

  1. Programmes
    techUK teams are focused on 21 distinct programmes of activity. These 21 Programmes sit under our three core focus areas: Developing Markets, Championing Emerging Technologies, and Shaping Policy and Regulation. Members can access these workstreams as part of their membership.
  2. Steering Boards
    Each of our Programmes has a representative steering board. Members lead these boards and shape our activities, bring focus to our policy objectives, and provide a consultative industry panel for government and other stakeholders.
  3. Working Groups
    techUK also manages around 100 working groups which oversee and direct specific techUK outputs and activities. Working groups cover a range of workstreams and help us to identify challenges and best practice.



techUK member testimonials


techUK Member Directory

With around 1,000 members across the UK, techUK creates a network for innovation and collaboration across business, government and stakeholders to provide a better future for people, society, the economy and the planet. Our member companies range from leading FTSE 100 companies to new innovative start-ups.

Find all techUK members here


techUK Code of Practice

Our Code of Practice outlines the standards and expectations we place on our staff, members and visitors to ensure we uphold techUK's values and to make our environment inclusive, respectful and collaborative for all. Any attendees at techUK meetings or events, visiting our premises, or representing techUK in any capacity need to comply with our code, and we kindly ask all our members and visitors to familiarise themselves with our Code of Practice.

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For more information about techUK membership, please contact: 

Glyn Hughes

Glyn Hughes

Head of Business Development, techUK

Glyn is head of business development at techUK and works with potential member companies to understand their business needs and make sure that they are aware of what techUK has to offer.

Glyn has a passion for building long term business relationships and has previously worked in account management, sales and relationship management in a range of industries including membership, software, healthcare, security and insurance.

If you would like to find out more about membership, please give him a call.

[email protected]
020 7331 2026

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Jaroszlav Katai

Jaroszlav Katai

Executive, Business Development, techUK

Jaroszlav is the Business Development Executive at techUK. 

Day to day Jarolszlav is responsible for making prospective members aware of membership benefits, advising them how to get the most out of their investment and introducing them to relevant programme activities and business services.

Jaroszlav has experience in working in the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors and is keen to form long lasting relationships with technologists and support their growth strategies in the UK.

Outside of work, Jaroszlav enjoys travelling across Europe, meeting people and is an avid reader of speculative fiction.

[email protected]
020 7331 2027

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