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At Acubed.IT we apply our cross-domain specialist expertise to build cost effective cyber solutions. Based in the UK, our team of experts primarily collaborate with HM Government and the Public Sector to design, build & integrate powerful and highly secure applications using a robust IT infrastructure.

We work with the NCSC, and other government departments, supporting the research and development of vital innovative technologies and solutions. We have in-depth experience of working on cross-government Official and higher tier platforms and have partnered with the UK Government to develop the next generation Cross Domain Solutions.

Acubed.IT works collaboratively with HM Government and Public Sector organisations to solve their most pivotal and technically complex security challenges. We design, build & integrate powerful and highly secure digital solutions that are user-focused, scalable, and cost effective.

Acubed.IT has partnered with the UK Government for the development of the next generation Cross Domain Solutions. Our in-house team of experts have in-depth knowledge and experience top design and develop customised secure cross domain applications primarily for government departments & Public Sector organisations. Acubed.IT are also collaborating with Napier University on Post Quantum Cryptography Research



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Our mission is to make the UK the best and safest place to live and work. We work with public sector organisations responsible for the protection and security of UK citizens. We design, build and sustain services by understanding users’ needs and collaborating closely with our national security clients to develop the best solutions and improve them.
We help prioritise outcomes over output. It means what we deliver has the right impact and helps organisations sustainably achieve their goals and do the best for their users. We adopt a flexible, collaborative approach tailored to our clients’ needs, providing them with the capability to become self-sufficient.

Whether we’re working with the Home Office or the Foreign Office, at the early stages of developing a new service or in improving an existing one, we’re always confident we can untangle tough problems and deliver workable solutions for our clients. Get in touch email: [email protected]


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We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available at the National Security Reception. 

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Margot Stumm

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