Join us on 7 December for a webinar exploring NHS Digital’s API Management Vision, lifecycle and how ‘sunsetting’ – deprecation followed by eventual retirement - is key to keeping its API and digital service estate manageable.

During this event, Dr Munish Jokhani from NHS Digital will also talk through the development of a new exemplar API - the Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API, which is in active use for high-profile high-volume national services, including the National Booking Service for vaccinations.

Key aims for this session:

  • Learn about NHS Digital’s API Management lifecycle and API management vision
  • Find out more about the sunsetting process with the example of the PDS SMSP API
  • Understand the benefits of the PDS FHIR API
  • Give feedback on NHS Digital's approach to the deprecation and retirement of APIs
  • Discover how developers can find NHS Digital APIs easily via an API catalogue
  • Get engaged in NHS Digital's API prioritisation
Leontina Postelnicu

Leontina Postelnicu

Head of Health and Social Care, techUK

Alex Lawrence

Alex Lawrence

Programme Manager, Health and Social Care, techUK

Charlie Wyatt

Programme Assistant, techUK