techUK and Department for International Trade invite you to join a free webinar and discover innovative UK smart infrastructure companies.

This session will introduce smart infrastructure solutions helping businesses, municipalities, infrastructure operators, and utility providers address smart mobility, climate resilience and energy efficiency challenges.

Who should attend?

Utility companies, Service providers, Municipalities, Energy retailers, Asset owners, System operators, Regional development and planning agencies, Smart cities initiatives, Local authorities

You will hear from:


KrakenFlex is a leading DERMs platform, with over 1.3GW of contracted distributed energy resources managed on our SaaS platform. We are able to control and optimise any size or scale generation asset, as well as automate demand side response - to balance the energy system as we move to a more renewable led world. We enable a digitised energy landscape, allowing for real time control and monitoring of physical and financial markets. This allows our customers to extract maximum value from their assets (solar, wind, batteries, electric vehicles, heat pumps and more!) supporting ancillary services and wholesale markets across the globe

Humanising Autonomy

Our ethical and data-privacy compliant Behaviour AI Platform uses computer vision software to understand and predict human behaviour from camera images and videos. All we need is to connect your camera. Our city solution is perfect for those looking to make their smart city safer and easier to navigate, by delivering granular insights into people's behaviors to help improve efficiency and safety for all. 


At Informetis Europe, our mission is to analyse energy consumption through Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide innovative solutions that have a real world impact on the challenges we face as a society. Using the core technology of NILM (Non-intrusive Load Monitoring), our Home Management Platform can deliver generation and consumption monitoring; energy consumption insight; recommendation and control algorithms according to the customer needs and requirements.



Since 2007 Gaist have partnered globally across central and local governments and the geospatial industry on a mission to change how we understand and interpret the roadscape. Offering transformational roadscape intelligence and insights tailored to client needs, Gaist are at the forefront of providing solutions focused on delivering value to organisations across 4 continents.


This event is organised in partnership with Department for International Trade.