techUK members are invited to take part in a virtual roundtable with Commissioner Prof. Alison Young and officials from the Law Commission on the legal reform needed to enable aviation autonomy.

The Law Commission has been asked by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Department for Transport (DfT) to review the law around autonomous flight to support the safe development of rapidly advancing technology [full consultation paper available here]. In March, the DfT published its Future Flight 2030 Action Plan [techUK summary available here] which sets out the Government’s vision for two key emerging aviation technologies:

  • drones (defined for these purposes as remotely piloted, non-passenger carrying vehicles)
  • advanced air mobility (and in particular Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft “VTOLs”) providing short journeys for up to ten people

The UK is aiming to lead in this space. According to the Government’s own strategy, by 2030 UK industries and the public will enjoy economic, social, and environmental benefits thanks to the widespread availability of these technologies across the economy, communities and transport networks. This investigation by the Law Commission forms part of the Government’s Action Plan through developing a framework for addressing the legal implications of these technologies.

The Law Commission is an independent arm’s length law reform agency, whose reports are laid before Parliament, leading to implementation by Government. Their world-leading report on automated vehicles lead to the introduction of the Automated Vehicles Bill currently before Parliament.

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