On Thursday 19 October the UK Spectrum Policy Forum will be hosting its October Plenary Meeting of 2023.

Sign up now to attend and get the lates updates on the Forum's activities. The UK SPF will release the Analysys Mason's report on 'Use case requirements in the 3.8-4.2GHz band.'

The research study commissioned by the SPF examines the use case requirements in the 3.8-4.2 GHz band, as well exploring potential improvements to the UK framework to better serve the industry's needs and encourage wider adoption.

After a succesful open workshop about the report, the Plenary will feature policy makers and the wider spectrum user community to debate the implications of this review to the UK landscape and beyond. 

In addition to the above, we will also hear from the UK SPF Steering Board Chair and Cluster Chairs.


Agenda Item Lead
Welcome and Intro Abhaya Sumanasena, Real Wireless and UK SPF Chairman
An update to Shared Rural Network Bryn Jones, DMSL
Spectrum aspects of 'The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure' consultation and RSPP views Julija Varnaite-Kamstra, DG CNET European Commission
Report on Use case requirements in the 3.8-4.2GHz band release and discussion Chris Nickerson, Analysys Mason
Update on recent work and the status of SAL Jack Hindley, Ofcom
Satellite sector views and future terrestrial-satellite integration Paul Febvre, SA Catapult
Steering Board update Luigi Ardito, Steering Board Chair and Qualcomm 
Cluster Chair updates

Saul Friedner, Cluster 1 and LS telcom  

Bob Steward, Cluster 2 and University of Strathclyde

Tony Lavender, Cluster 3 and Plum Consulting

Kumar Singarajah, Cluster 4 and Arqit / Euroma​

AOB and Close Abhaya Sumanasena, Real Wireless and UK SPF Chairman


For more information, please get in touch with the team below!

Sophie James

Sophie James

Head of Telecoms and Spectrum Policy, techUK

Tales Gaspar

Tales Gaspar

Programme Manager, UK SPF and Satellite, techUK

Matthew Wild

Programme Assistant - Markets, techUK