9 March 2021 10am – 12.15pm Webinar Online

The three previous Cluster 4 meetings in 2020 have focussed on WRC-2023 agenda items which arose from IMT/ Mobile industry proposals to WRC-2019.

The planned March 2021 Cluster 4 event will focus on some WRC-23 agenda items which arose from space industry proposals to WRC-2019.

Agenda and call for speakers

Specifics on the agenda will be posted by early February.

Chair: Kumar Singarajah, UK SPF Cluster 4 and Euroma

Presenters will come from the space community proponents of ESIMs and if you or a contact outside of the space community have an interest in presenting to then contact Jo. 


The ITU-R Resolution 811 (WRC-2019) text for the two topics.

  • 1.15 to harmonize the use of the frequency band 12.75-13.25 GHz (Earth-to-space) by earth stations on aircraft and vessels communicating with geostationary space stations in the fixed-satellite service globally, in accordance with Resolution 172 (WRC-19); 
  • 1.16 to study and develop technical, operational and regulatory measures, as appropriate, to facilitate the use of the frequency bands 17.7-18.6 GHz and 18.8-19.3 GHz and 19.7-20.2 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 27.5-29.1 GHz and 29.5-30 GHz (Earth-to-space) by non-GSO FSS earth stations in motion, while ensuring due protection of existing services in those frequency bands, in accordance with Resolution 173 (WRC-19);

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Notes and slides from previous Cluster 4 WRC focused events

WRC-23 agenda items 1.2/1.3

WRC-23 agenda item 1.5

WRC-23 agenda items focused on the upper 6 GHz band

Jo O'Riordan

Jo O'Riordan

Head of Spectrum Policy and Telecoms, techUK

Sophie James

Sophie James

Programme Manager, Communications Infrastructure and Services, techUK

Julia Ofori-Addo

Julia Ofori-Addo

Programme Assistant, Broadband Stakeholder Group, Central Government, Financial Services Council, techUK