On Monday 05 December 2022, the UK Spectrum Policy Forum will be hosting an hybrid Cluster 4 workshop on two satellite focused WRC-23 agenda items: AI 1.8 & AI 1.17. 

AI 1.8: Use of Some Ku & Ka FSS bands for CNPC Links of UAS / UAVs

The use of satellite links to control unmanned aircraft vehichles (UAVs) has been debated on the international stage for decades.  As early as 2007,  Resolution 421 (WRC-07)  was established calling for identification of spectrum for such purpose. 

The issue was brought up again  at the following ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences. 

After a heated debated at WRC-15, member states were unable to reach consenus on the regulatory and technical conditions for Unmanned Aircraft System for Control and Non-Payload Communications (UAS CNPC links) and decided to review these at WRC-23. 

Until such provisions have been adopted by WRC-23, ITU has been instructed not to process any submissions for UAS CNPC links. 

This workshop will explore in depth AI 1.8 which will consider, on the basis of ITU-R studies in accordance with Resolution 171 (WRC-19), appropriate regulatory actions, with a view to reviewing and, if necessary, revising Resolution 155 (Rev, WRC-19) and No. 5.484B to accomodate the use of fixed-satellite service (FSS) networks by control and non-payload communications of unmanned aircraft systems. 

AI 1.17: Use of Some Ku & Ka FSS bands for Inter-Satellite Links

With new services such as video and mini-constellations of EESS satellites, there is an increasing need to provide continuous high-data rates communication from EESS satellites in LEO back to ground stations.

This agenda item is to determine and carry out, on the basis of the ITU-R Studies in accordance with Resolution COM6/14 (WRC-19), the appropriate regulatory actions for the provision of inter-satellite links in specific frequency bands, or portions thereof, by adding an inter-satellite service allocation where appropriate. 

If you have any comments or suggestions for any of these two topics, please get in touch.

Agenda Item 1.8

  • Mohaned Juwad, Director Spectrum Policy Intelsat, on behalf GSOA

Agenda Item 1.17

  • Marilena Ampelikioti, Regional Director Market Access-Europe and Africa, Telesat 
  • Benoit Rougier, Spectrum Manager, SES
  • Ben Wagner, Senior Manager, Spectrum Engineering, Oneweb


Sophie Greaves

Sophie Greaves

Head of Telecoms and Spectrum Policy, techUK

Tales Gaspar

Tales Gaspar

Programme Manager, UK SPF and Satellite, techUK

Matthew Wild

Programme Assistant - Markets, techUK