The UK Innovation & Tech Show brings together innovators, companies and thought leaders from across the UK and Europe for a stunning exhibition and a series of policy discussions around cutting edge technologies.

Why exhibit at the UK Innovation and Tech Show?

The show is a unique opportunity to showcase this expertise, enabling you to gain significant brand exposure and to network with high-level European policymakers, industry representatives and EU agenda-setters in a dynamic city that is at the heart of EU decision-making and influence.

techUK members will join other British and European companies providing cutting-edge products and services, alongside special guests including Professor Brian Cox, with the event expected to attract hundreds of high-quality attendees, including the EU Institutions, national governments, the press, academia, innovative companies, and you! 

Networking has never been easier. Come and interact with cutting edge hardware at our expo and the brilliant minds behind it, join the breakout discussions on the policy and ethics of emerging technology, follow a live hackathon demonstrating the potential of AI, and listen to an inspiring opening keynote speech from the Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science, Brian Cox.

Why Brussels?

Not only is the city second only to Washington DC in terms of the scope for industry to influence policy, but it is home to thousands of industry representatives, NGOs, thinktanks and future leaders, as well as a broad spectrum of policymakers setting policy for over 350 million EU citizens, and representatives from over 180 countries.

Innovation and tech are becoming increasingly integrated into European decisionmaking. With the conversation on new technology just getting started in Brussels, now is the time to show a receptive and influential audience how British tech can improve the lives of citizens, workers and consumers across Europe. 

Further details of this event, including booking details can be found here.

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Sabina Ciofu

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Sue Daley

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