The UK-China Tech Forum is free and open to everyone with an active interest in UK-China trade and investment policy/issues.


Co-organised by the China-Britain Business Council and techUK, the UK-China Tech Forum is a platform to encourage technology companies to engage with key stakeholders in Government and business across a range of public policy and practical business areas.

The forum allows members, non-members, and stakeholders to understand better developments and changes within policy, market, investment, and industrial landscapes in China and the UK. 


The UK is a major technology exporter and Europe’s largest destination for tech sector investment. China is an increasingly important tech innovator and adopter, with digital innovation expected to account for 10% of total GDP by 2025[1].

Despite the tricky geopolitical backdrop, there are still growing areas for trade and investment between the two countries, but also an increasingly complex array of political, regulatory and market access challenges to consider when engaging with China.


The session will focus on the state of the UK-China relationship, and discuss areas for collaboration and trade in appropriate technology sectors, including clean tech, edtech, entertainment, lawtech, eCommerce, consumer electronics and EVs. 


Panel 1: The State of the UK-China Relationship and What it Means for Technology Companies


  • Chair: Daniel Clarke, Policy Manager, International, techUK
    • Sam Hogg, Editor & Journalist, Beijing to Britain
    • Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, CEO, Global Counsel
    • Kayla Blomquist, Director, Oxford China Policy Lab, University of Oxford 
    • Kenrick Davis, Senior China Policy Analyst at the China-Britain Business Council.

Panel 2: Tech, Trade, and Investment Opportunities Between the UK and China

  • Chair: Elinor Greenhouse, Senior Adviser - Tech and Innovation, Healthcare and Life Sciences, China-Britain Business Council
    • Andrew Lambert, CEO, Electronic Media Services 
    • Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO,
    • David Baumgart, Head of Government Relations, Xiaomi Europe 
    • Xiaowei Zhu, EMEA Global-to-China Program Leader - AWS

The session will be held under Chatham House Rules. Please contact the team below for questions regarding this session.

Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke

Policy Manager for International Policy and Trade, techUK