Technology is emerging as a key enabler in the path to net zero, with the tech sector playing a critical role both in CO2 emissions and mitigating the long-term impact of climate change. 5G networks, IoT, big data, AI and high-performance computing all have a critical role to play in addressing the global climate emergency.

The approaching COP26 summit in Glasgow will reinforce international climate change commitments. Both China and the UK have made significant commitments on emissions reduction and are actively pursuing more sustainable models of economic growth. The importance for closer collaboration in Net Zero Tech between the two nations has never been greater.

This webinar examined the wider landscape of net zero tech in both countries, highlighting existing synergies, and the long-term benefits of closer UK-China collaboration in this important area.

You can watch the event recording here.


09.05 Keynote address – The Net Zero Agenda & UK-China Collaboration

            Tony Clemson, Deputy Director – Innovation & Industry, DIT China

09.15 Net Zero Technology Trends in the UK & China (09.15 – 9.35)

 This session covered the wider trends in net zero tech in both countries, including key market drivers, policy trends, investment and technology trends, and future outlook. Where is the greatest potential for UK-China partnerships in Net Zero Tech? What are the key market drivers? What are the challenges and what should policymakers be doing to promote UK-China collaboration.

09.35 Fireside Chat – UK-China Collaboration in Science & Technology

            Stuart Woods, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments Nanoscience (TBC)

9.50 Panel Session: Net Zero Tech: Adaption and Resilience

CBBC will publish a new report showcasing UK-China engagement on the net zero agenda ahead of COP26 Targeting Net Zero What is the role for UK & Chinese Business? This session will focus on the broader theme of Adaption and Resilience section of the new report, exploring the critical impact that science and technological innovation, such as high-performance computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, can have mitigating the impacts of climate change on communities, cities, and natural ecosystems.


  • The Met Office (TBC)
  • Paul Lopes, Director Strategic Partnerships (Greater China) BSI
  • Justin Gong, Co-Founder, XAG

10.25 Final wrap-up

10.30 Ends


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