techUK is convening regular industry collab sessions for providers undertaking compliance activity for the Telecoms Security Act. These online sessions will take place monthly and are open to all PECN/PECS providers (all Tiers) to come together in an open, transparent, and collaborative way.  

Have challenges you would like some insight on? Triumphs to share with peers? Knowledge to pass on?  

The online sessions will be conducted under TLP:AMBER and will be chaired by Sophie James, Head of Telecoms and Spectrum Policy at techUK. The sessions are open to all – you do not have to be a techUK member to participate.  

What is the Telecoms Security Act?  

The governance requirements which started with The Telecoms Security Act 2021 (TSA) came into effect on the 1st October 2022, and created a telecommunications security framework created which is made up three 'layers'. The first layer is the Act itself which strengthens the security duties of public telecoms providers by amending the Electronic Communications Act 2003 in November 2021 (when the Act came into force).  The Act also gives the government new powers to designate High Risk Vendors and issue directives imposing controls on the use of their goods, services and facilities by public communications providers.

The second layer includes the Electronic Communications (Security Measures) Regulations 2022 which provide specific security measures that public communication providers must follow for all new in-scope networks and services entering service from the 1st October 2022 (the date when the regulations came into force. The final layer a new Code of Practice designed to provide technical guidance to meet the security duties and specific security measures from the Act and the Regulations, which came into force on the 1st December 2022.

techUK played a key role in shaping the act on behalf of its members. For more information, please get in touch with our team below. 

We are also holding the same sessions on 23 November and 14 December

Telecoms Security Act updates

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Sophie Greaves

Sophie Greaves

Head of Telecoms and Spectrum Policy, techUK

Tales Gaspar

Tales Gaspar

Programme Manager, UK SPF and Satellite, techUK

Matthew Wild

Programme Assistant - Markets, techUK