techUK will be holding an initial virtual roundtable for members to gauge interest in the topic of vetting transformation and to better understand not only the pain points of vetting for industry but the potential for the community to help shape a system in need of iteration, to ensure it is minimising risk to all. 

Given the current geopolitical landscape and increased risk to individuals, organisations, and the public sector, we hope you can join this roundtable to help shape techUK's perspective on such an important topic. The intent of the roundtable is to inform and identify areas of collaboration, and smooth areas of conflict, ahead of a more open engagement later in the year. We would like members to be on the front foot post election, driving a key part of the national security conversation. Vetting is about more than technology: it's about people, processes, policies and platforms. This roundtable is an opportunity to prepare for future conversations about a complete system and how techUK could support each of the above pillars.

Raya Tsolova

Programme Manager, techUK

Raya Tsolova is a Programme Manager at techUK. 

Prior to joining techUK, Raya worked in Business Development for an expert network firm within the institutional investment space. Before this Raya spent a year in industry working for a tech start-up in London as part of their Growth team which included the formation and development of a 'Let's Talk Tech' podcast and involvement in London Tech Week. 

Raya has a degree in Politics and International Relations (Bsc Hons) from the University of Bath where she focused primarily on national security and counter-terrorism policies, centreing research on female-led terrorism and specific approaches to justice there. 

Outside of work, Raya's interests include baking, spin classes and true-crime Netflix shows! 

[email protected]

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