techUK’s Central Government Council (CGC) is launching a new series called ‘Public Sector Tech Talks: In Conversation with…’. This event will be a regular series of fireside chats between CGC members and senior public sector figures, exploring their drivers, priorities and challenges, and aiming to improve the dialogue across the public sector tech ecosystem and set the scene for more meaningful market engagement.

We’re delighted to announce the first event of the series will take place on 12 October 2023 17:00-18:30 at techUK Offices and feature Samantha Ulyatt, the Chief Commercial Officer at the Home Office. Following a 20-year career in Chemical manufacturing, Energy, Water and Nuclear sectors, Sam joined the civil service in 2016 as a senior leader in Crown Commercial Service (CCS) leading the Buildings Pillar which incorporated Workplace and FM, Construction and Utilities & Fuel.  In July 2020 she joined the Home Office as Chief Commercial Officer.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for an illuminating discussion and great networking opportunity.

More about the series

The ‘Public Sector Tech Talks: In Conversation with…’ series is a part of the CGC’s efforts to drive an improvement in market engagement and build on the existing partnerships between Government departments and suppliers. Effective market engagement is crucial in enabling Government to get the most out of its supplier base, access innovative services & a diverse range of expertise, and think of novel approaches to complex problems. Equally, it allows potential suppliers to understand Government’s requirements better, opening up the market to more competition and leading to higher-quality supplier responses.

Good market engagement is a two-way street, an ongoing dialogue that should aim to enhance easy relationships between customers and suppliers. It must be an open conversation between both parties, so each understands the other’s requirements and capabilities, building the ground for a reliable and trusted partnership.

It is hoped that the Public Sector Tech Talks: In Conversation with…’ series will foster a wider, bi-directional, open and holistic dialogue between industry and Government that reaches beyond the procurement cycle and builds an effective ecosystem between public and private sectors.

Heather Cover-Kus

Heather Cover-Kus

Head of Central Government Programme, techUK

Ellie Huckle

Ellie Huckle

Programme Manager, Central Government, techUK

Jill Broom

Programme Manager, Cyber Security and Central Government, techUK

Matthew Wild

Programme Assistant - Markets, techUK