On Thursday 21 March (15.00–16.30) techUK is delighted to host a roundtable discussion with members to consider the future of industry-led cyber intelligence further to the decommissioning of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) which was managed by the NCSC and free to join.

The CISP’s original purpose was to provide a platform for cyber security professionals in the UK to collaborate on cyber threat information in a secure and confidential environment. With its retirement, this is now being addressed by other tools; however, there are questions as to whether all of the benefits of the CISP are still being delivered and whether there should be an ‘industry owned’ community and platform.

The purpose of this roundtable is to explore these questions and more about what industry could do around cyber intelligence sharing; who should be the custodian of that community; and should we look to follow the example of the Information Technology – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) in the USA?

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Background on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Partnership (CISP)

From 2013 to 2023 the UK had a partnership (the CISP) for collectively sharing threat intelligence and cyber security information across all sectors. A joint steering group for the CISP included industry members, who also formed the Fusion Cell.

When it was founded, it was targeted at Network Defenders, because they would have information to share and know how to respond. A platform was developed that allowed them to share information with TLP:RED and allowed for incident reporting. 

The membership grew explosively until it became the largest cyber security information-sharing partnership globally – with over 17,000 members (more than FS-ISAC at the time) from across all sectors and with a very varied skill level.

As the ownership of the CISP community and platform became the responsibility of NCSC, it took a while to settle on finding a home within the agency, and it eventually landed in Engagement rather than Incident Management. These factors led to other mechanisms being developed/used to allow Network Defenders to share actionable threat intelligence/cyber security information, including within the NCSC (for example, Slack channels for Trusted Partners) and MISP for Indicators of Compromise, and the eventual decommissioning of CISP.

Some issues made it difficult for multi-national organisations (e.g., finance) which wanted a platform enabling and respecting their international colleagues to share information, too.

Some organisations lobbied to retain an incident management/network defender community, and others lobbied for sector-specific mechanisms. 

Therefore, now is a good time to explore this issue again and we would encourage those interested to come along and join in this discussion.

Speakers/contributors include:

  • Stuart Murdoch, Founder & CEO, Surevine
  • Chris Gibson, Executive Director at FIRST, former Director of CERT-UK 
  • Scott Algeier, Executive Director of the IT-ISAC and former Executive Director of ICASI
  • Simon Onyons, Managing Director - EMEA Cyber Security at FTI Consulting 
  • Bill McCluggage, Laganview Associates

Dan Patefield

Dan Patefield

Head of Cyber and National Security, techUK

Jill Broom

Jill Broom

Programme Manager, Cyber Security, techUK

Annie Collings

Annie Collings

Programme Manager, Cyber Security and Central Government, techUK

Raya Tsolova

Programme Manager, techUK

Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK

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