Digital ID in the Finance Sector is the latest webinar in our Digital ID Event Series for 2022 taking place at 11:00 UK on Thursday 13th October 2022 where you can hear from industry leaders in the Finance Sector (panel guests to be announced shortly) discuss and debate the role of Digital ID in their sector and how industry and government can best work together to develop the trusted, secure and efficient digital identity ecosystem that a thriving digital economy demands. We will look at the role of the Finance Sector in the UK Digital ID Ecosystem, discuss the changes in the Beta version of the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework, what needs to happen to ensure public trust in the ecosystem and - given the global reach of our panel guest's businesses - what the UK might learn from other jurisdictions around the world.

Registration is free and there will be Q&A available, so we look forward to you joining us and our panel guests on the day.

For more information please contact:

Iain McCallum

Iain McCallum

Programme Manager, Digital Identity, techUK

Jack Baker

Programme/Team Assistant, Technology and Innovation, techUK