Is the UK ready for the future of compute?

22 June 2022 – 14:00 – 17:15

Join techUK and leading industry stakeholders for a half-day conference exploring the convergence of cloud services with high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies. 

Cloud services offer a significant route to market for capital-intensive capabilities like machine learning and supercomputing, making it easier for organisations across the UK to unlock the power of data and solve the toughest challenges of the years ahead.

The convergence of cloud computing with HPC, AI and quantum is also democratising access to deep tech and empowering a broader range of organisations with powerful data-driven insights and problem-solving capabilities.

At this exciting juncture, where these technologies could accelerate digital transformation and be a catalyst for research and innovation, identifying new areas of commercial opportunity could make the UK a significant world leader in next generation computing.

But what does this mean for our innovation ecosystem, and are UK businesses and workers ready to harness the power of these technologies?


Sue Daley - Director of Tech and Innovation at techUK

Opening remarks 

Dr Ilana Wisby, Founder & CEO of Oxford Quantum Circuits

The transformative potential of quantum computing and quantum-as-a-service (QaaS) as a route to commercialisation.

The Hartree Centre

The convergence of HPC, Quantum and AI

Panel Session – Is the UK ready for the future of compute?

  • Where are HPC, quantum, AI, and cloud converging to develop new use cases and how can industry and government work together to further develop this market?
  • What is the role of cloud in our innovation ecosystem and how can the UK harness the potential of cloud to be a catalyst for R&D?
  • How can we ensure this broader and more accessible innovation ecosystem is underpinned by sound ethical principles and trusted, secure, and portable data?
  • How do we ensure the UK workforce has the skills and knowledge to identify opportunities to leverage these technologies and add value to their organisations?
  • Is the UK’s data policy supportive of R&D conducted in the cloud?

Speaking Slot – tbc

Closing remarks

Networking session and refreshments

This conference builds on the ongoing work of techUK’s cloud computing programme and quantum commercialisation campaign and looks ahead to the “future of compute” review announced in the Chancellor’s Spring Statement.

More information and additional speakers will be announced shortly.