10 June 2021 12pm – 1pm Meeting Online

Welcome back to techUK’s AI Leaders Lunchtime Lecture Series, where each month we ask a different world-leading expert on AI to offer their opinions on the greatest opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed to get our AI future right

This month we’re delighted to be joined by Roger Sels, Vice President Solutions, Blackberry. Roger leads Blackberry Solutions and serves as a trusted advisor to clients’ C-Suite with a focus on maximizing their cyber program value and impact. Roger has 20+ years of hands on deep technical and leadership experience in cyber security. Before joining BlackBerry Cylance, Roger was the founding Chief Information Security Officer at DarkMatter LLC, a cybersecurity consulting firm serving mainly government, defence and intelligence agencies.

During this session, we’ll be discussing how to harness the power of AI to streamline the cyber resilience of your business. Security teams are being pushed to the brink as they respond to rapid changes in the threat landscape, the regulatory landscape and changes in the economy. Cyberattacks are increasing in sheer volume and sophistication, and legacy human-led defences are no longer effective. However, cyber no longer is a human-scale problem. In this session we will explore the vital role AI plays in balancing the scales in the favor of the defending team and how organisations can maximize the value and impact of their cyber programs by leveraging emerging best practices.

This event not only presents a chance for attendees to increase their own knowledge and understanding of the latest innovations in AI but also to raise questions and issues for discussion. So grab your sandwich and join us for this interactive discussion!


If you’d like to attend this session and are not currently a techUK member, please RSVP to [email protected].