Leveraging tech workers’ confidence to boost tech hiring in 2021 and beyond.

We’re excited to partner with CWJobs to bring you a virtual session on how confidence and resilience are faring among tech workforce, what the future holds for the sector as a result and how you can boost tech hiring and tackle the skills gap.

With confidence in the UK tech sector remaining strong despite Covid-19 and Brexit, as CWJobs' third annual Confidence Index reveals, the webinar will delve into the tech workforce’s concerns, aspirations and views of the current and future UK tech industry. Join us on Wednesday 30th at 9.30am to discuss the opportunities and challenges brought about by the pandemic.

You will hear from: 

  • Kathryn Baddeley, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility & Co-Lead of Women of Cisco, Cisco UK & Ireland
  • Dom Harvey, Director, CWJobs
  • Adrian Love, European Recruitment Director, Accenture 
  • Tom Lovell, Managing Director, TechSkills 
  • Steve Ward, UK Director, Universum

During the live session, our expert speakers will present key research insights from UK IT professionals and give you actionable advice to attract, hire and retain top tech talent:

  • How do tech workers feel about their roles, purpose and job satisfaction post Covid-19?
  • What effect have current market trends had on job security, career plans and tech skills?
  • How can businesses leverage tech workers’ confidence and career prospects to increase employee retention, fill skills gaps and tap into new talent pools?

Event Partner

For the last 21 years, CWJobs has been the home for tech jobs. We match employers from all industries with the most relevant tech talent through our innovative product technology and unique candidate audience.

Our CV database of 1.3 million skilled candidates combined with our expert understanding of tech recruitment means that our clients can find the right talent, quickly and efficiently.

For more information about CWJobs, get in touch on 0333 0145 111. 

If you have any questions about this webinar contact: 

Noreen Aldworth

Noreen Aldworth

Head, Sponsorship and Events, techUK