This session is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Brunel University London’s Research, Innovate and Emerge (RIEm) methodology for securing research and innovation (R&I) funding. This session is tailored specifically for UK SMEs seeking to enhance their R&I strategies and maximize their chances of obtaining funding, particularly from Innovate UK.

Through the session,  you will learn how the fully funded RIEm programme supports with the specific requirements and expectations of Innovate UK funding applications, helping you align your project with their priorities. Since its launch in 2022, RIEm has helped UK SMEs secure over £2.7 million from both public and private investment.

It will provide you with practical tips and techniques to create a strong, persuasive proposal that showcases your innovative ideas, demonstrates the wider business impact of your project, and aligns with Innovate UK's strategic objectives.

The speakers consists of RIEm expert team and RIEm business  alumni, who are happy to discuss further details. 


Professor Geoff Rodgers: Pro-Vice Chancellor for Enterprise and Employability, Brunel University London. His role is to provide strategic leadership to enhance partnerships with external business, government and other organisations.

Dr Andrew Tucker: Co-Founder and CEO, Mettle Capital, who secured a significant Innovate UK and ESRC: Economic and Social Research Council grant to research pensions members' ESG preferences using conversational AI. Andrew is a RIEm Alumni member.

Dr Michael Joseph: leads award winning RIEm Programme in Brunel University London and also manages research and innovation partnerships with businesses in Health and Medical Technology for  collaborative research and innovation.