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David and Goliath Alliances - How to Partner with Larger Companies

Alliances and Partnerships hold out the promise of unrivalled growth with little or no additional expenditure.  In this model the partners sells your products and services as part of his or her own set of offerings to market.  Alliances with very large organisations hold out even greater prospects of exponential growth for SMEs due to the size and complexity of the sales and marketing functions in these companies.  In addition the large organisations in the High Tech sector are looking for smaller more agile and innovative companies with whom they can partner.  These types of relationships have come to be called David and Goliath Alliances.  But they are not without their own challenges, and SMEs who enter into such relationships without being fully prepared run the risk of significant tome and budget expenditure with nothing to show for their efforts.

In this presentation Mike Nevin a Strtegic Alliance Consultant will explain the key aspects of partnering with larger companies and explain the simple and sensible precautions and processes that SMEs need to have in place to make such collaborations worthwhile.  Mike is an internationnaly renowned expert in this area having published two seminal text books on the topic.  (The Strategic Alliance Handbook and the Strategic Alliance Fieldbook).  In addition he has worked with over 300 of some of the largest and best High Tech partnering companies in his 20+ year career in alliances.

David and Goliath Alliances hold out the prospect of spectacular, exponential growth for SMEs but before you even consider the approach you should hear what Mike has to say first!  


Mike Nevin

Mike Nevin

Managing Director, Alliance Best Practice Ltd

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