SME Growth Series

Based on the results from our latest SME survey, the key requirement listed by techUK SME members was customer acquisition. To best assist our members and the industry achieve their growth plans, techUK has created the 'SME Growth Series' to share knowledge from industry experts and help the tech SME community sell successfully..

Bullet points don’t work 

How often have you switched off part-way through a presentation?  When the presenter just put a series of bullet points on screen and read them? Most tech vendors confuse and alienate their audiences by reeling off a list off features and indulging themselves in product demonstrations that no-one can follow.  Whilst the audience thinks “They lost me on Slide #2.  I’ll use the time to catch up on my emails”.

In this webinar you’ll hear a few facts about an audience’s attention span and ability to absorb and recall information.  You’ll learn a few simple techniques that will make your presentations – and key sales messages – more engaging and memorable and you’ll never present the same way again.  By attending you’ll benefit from more cost-effective sales & marketing activity, higher win rates and reduced cost of sale. 


  1. Introduction
  2. Mike Ward: Why bullet points don’t work.  And how to communicate more by saying less. 
  3. Live case studies with techUK SME members
  4. Q&A
  5. AOB


Mike  Ward

Mike Ward

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