As leaders of Lot 6 (Understand), Frazer-Nash are pleased to invite interest from experts who have potential innovations in Science and Technology (S&T) that may be used (in accordance with legal, ethical, moral and societal mandates) to enhance human performance for the benefit of UK defence and security. Of particular interest is the S&T that may augment the human-in-the-system and demonstrate an advantage within a defence and security context.

By its very nature Human Augmentation demands a multidisciplinary approach. We are therefore keen to see this in any proposal. For example, the use of advanced sensors that can be worn on the body in order to enhance or extend current human capability. So, a sensor that would provide the means to ‘look through walls’ by fusing sensor data and present this to the user would advance their own perception. It is also important that the end user is considered in any of the proposals put forward, in terms of use, ethics, acceptance, etc. The solutions we are seeking may range across embedded sensors, integrated biosensors, enhanced software, etc. And also, be applied across a wide range of contexts, such as medical support, decision making, tactical awareness, etc. Each proposal will be judged in terms of novel application and integration, against the benefit it provides.

We do not wish to be prescriptive in technologies or solutions, but your idea should demonstrate how it will provide the human with advanced capability and/or greater performance reach (focusing on the outcome and what defence may achieve as a result of applying the innovation). This may be both incremental and/or radical in approach, but must demonstrate an advantage to defence that is attributed to the human component. This may be physical, psychological, or social, or indeed a combination of these factors. These areas will be discussed during the event to outline key areas we will be expecting to see.

In this current round we are looking to fund a number of small projects with emphasis on delivering a proof of concept (i.e. a concept demonstrator) to present your solution within a context that shows real benefit. Following this Phase 1 call we plan to fund a Phase 2 that will allow these ideas to be matured and demonstrated in an appropriate manner.

If this is of interest, then please use the link below to register and book your place for the event.    

Any questions then please contact: Dr Dale Richards (Frazer-Nash), [email protected]