Security has long been regarded as an integral part of smart city discussions. Yet, in the face of unprecedented levels of emerging risk and deep uncertainty, more needs to be done to ensure that concepts like ‘zero-trust’, ‘secure-by-design’, and ‘connected identity’ are baked-in by default and leveraged effectively across the lifecycle of urban systems that we depend on to thrive. In this webinar, techUK will convene leading industry experts to explore how security can enable smart technology adoption and point towards use cases and practical advice that can be deployed in the real-world. This webinar will also touch on the significance of emerging guidelines and regulations in the sphere, and feed into research being conducted by techUK’s interdisciplinary Smart Cities Working Group.

Lucas Banach

Lucas Banach

Programme Assistant, Data Centres, Climate, Environment & Sustainability, Market Access, techUK

Lucas Banach is Programme Assistant at techUK, he works on a range of programmes including Data Centres; Climate, Environment & Sustainability; Market Access and Smart Infrastructure and Systems.

Before that Lucas who joined in 2008, held various roles in our organisation, which included his role as Office Executive, Groups and Concept Viability Administrator, and most recently he worked as Programme Executive for Public Sector. He has a postgraduate degree in International Relations from the Andrzej Frycz-Modrzewski Cracow University.

[email protected]
020 7331 2006

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