Securing Tomorrow Today - SecureCloud+ Partner Event

Securing Tomorrow Today - SecureCloud+ Partner Event

Join techUK member SecureCloud+ at their event on 2 May at the historic Victory Services Club, for an afternoon of expert speakers and live technology demonstrations. 

This event will offer insights for navigating the evolving challenges of the Defence sector. Led by General Sir Richard Barrons and supported by industry experts, the event will cover: 

  • Secure by Design 
  • Zero-trust 
  • Secure Defence Collaboration 
  • Data Driven Decision Making 

An increasingly contested world poses complex challenges for defence, requiring nations to adopt a comprehensive and adaptive approach to safeguard their security interests in an ever-changing geopolitical landscape. This event has been carefully curated to give you insights directly relevant to navigating challenges, fostering a deeper understanding of the evolving geopolitical dynamics and equipping nations with the knowledge and strategies essential for maintaining security and stability in the face of uncertainty. 

This event is designed for government officials, military leaders, security experts and industry professionals who are keen to staying abreast of the latest deveopments, exchanging ideas, and collaborating on effective strategies to address the multifaceted challenges posed by an increasingly contested world. Additionally, professionals and individuals with a vested interest in defence and security issues will find this event valuable for enhancing their understanding and hearing about how technology is shaping the future of Defence. 

To find out more about the agenda for the day and register to attend, please follow this link: