This techUK Cyber Security Programme briefing will explore the most recent trends across the ransomware landscape, exploring the threats from state actor, cyber-criminals, and the grey areas in between. Ransomware as a service business model, in which malware tools and targets are sold online will also be explored. Attendees will hear from speakers on the methods used by threat actors and how we can recognise them. They will also detail the various tools which can help combat these threats from demonstrating how organisations can develop malware analysis in-house, building more security conscious cultures across the business and ensuring that cyber professional are able to effectively respond to inevitable breaches.

Agenda to follow.

Speakers include:

Andrew Yeates, Solutions Architect, Reversing Labs

Dan Patefield

Dan Patefield

Programme Head, Cyber and National Security, techUK

Charlie Wyatt

Programme Assistant, techUK

Jill Broom

Programme Manager, Cyber Security & Central Government, techUK

Freddie MacSwiney

Programme Manager - Defence & Cyber, techUK