If your organisation is developing a new process, product or service, or perhaps improving an existing one, you could receive up to 33% of your R&D costs in tax credits.
What is R&D tax credits?
Who they impact?
Why are they important? 
Find out if your business qualifies, how you can claim, and important considerations.

Join us on Thursday - 27th January at 10:30am to hear Liam Hanna at leading R&D specialist Leyton UK, explain the benefits of the R&D Tax Credits Scheme and how this valuable government initiative works.

The R&D Tax Credits scheme is a valuable government incentive which rewards companies of all sizes which work on innovative projects.
This tax relief often provides a vital cash injection for a business and the benefit received can be reinvested in accelerating current or upcoming projects, used to hire new staff, or support your overall growth.
Agenda for the webinar:

What is the scheme?
 - Brief history, explanation of what R&D is in software, purpose, goals.
Who does it apply to?
- Understanding why your business qualifies, examples of typical areas of qualification and typical areas people miss
How can you claim?
- Talk through identifying projects and staff, calculating qualifying expenditure and benefit back to the business, when do you need to submit by, 2 years retrospective and when will you receive your benefit?
Things to know
- Weighing the options for claiming – internal, accountant, specialist. HMRC can enquire up to 7 years retrospectively – what impact does that have on a business, especially going through funding or looking to sell
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Leyton is the largest independent innovation funding firm in the UK and has delivered over £1 billion in R&D tax credits to businesses of all sizes since its UK launch in 2009. Their 300 innovation experts work across four offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.