Join techUK for this event on fraud prevention. At this event we will seek to address the fraud prevention and detection challenges faced by banking and financial institutions, highlighting best practice methods and business standards that organisations must take to minimise risk whilst accelerating digital agendas and business growth, and how technology can help the industry be at the forefront of the fight against economic crime.

We will be looking at the shifting fraud risk landscape, data driven decision making, next generation fraud technologies, cybercrime, scam techniques, market trends & key drivers, and intelligence sharing & collaboration.

techUK members have been developing innovative solutions to support regulators and industry adress economic crime. Through the deployment of AI, machine learning, digital identity and cyber security the fraud risk has been mitigated, whilst more efforts are needed to address the challenges at an industry and company level.

While the global crisis has accelerated technological adoption it has exposed new vulnerabilities including new cyber attack risk.

Firms must stay ahead of the growing fraud curve to be able to thrive in the digital economy, and this event will enable participants to better understand the landscape and the solutions being deployed by industry. Attendees will hear and engage with industry leading experts sharing unparalleled knowledge and thought-leadership on the evolving and complex global fraud landscape.


10:00: Welcome

10:05: Adrian Field, Director of Market Development, OneID

10:15: Amber Burridge, Head of Fraud Intelligence, Cifas

10:25: Mark Little Head of Identity Strategy, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

10:35: 10:35 Seshika Fernando, VP of Banking and Financial Services, WS02

10:45: 10:45 Q&A and concluding remarks

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Hugo Rousseau

Hugo Rousseau

Head of Financial Services, techUK

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Julia Ofori-Addo

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